Asset Protection

“The reduction of risk to your organisation can be transferred cost effectively… giving you piece of mind and reducing the overheads of security protection”

As risk and security threats develop in a changing business and global climate, some organisations assets, infrastructure and personnel become susceptible to certain vulnerabilities. J Regan Security Services Ltd offer a range of asset protection methods, to ensure your personnel and business interests are secured against certain risks factors.

Having many years experience within asset protection, allows our management team to highlight the best workable and cost effective solution to your concerns. Having established a solution to a potential or developing threat, J Regan Security Services Ltd can deploy experienced security teams or close protection operatives, ensuring that your risk exposure is minimised by establishing a protective environment surrounding your security concerns.

high value cargo securityHigh Value Cargo Escorts

Once an asset or item of cargo has left the safety of its home environment, this is when it is at its most vulnerable. J Regan Security Services Ltd offer escort personnel and vehicles to one of the worlds leading global telecommunications companies. Our professional staff stay with the vehicle at all times, whilst management have access to the vehicles position through satellite GPS tracking and continuous communications with the drivers.

With the increased threat of robbery, theft and kidnapping in recent times, many organisations have adopted a risk reduction strategy such as escorts to protect their staff and ensure supply chains are not disrupted.

Our operatives will escort the vehicle until its destination, ensure all of the vehicles security tags/ seals and contents are secure, take photographic evidence and report back to control once the handover has been completed.

In some cases the cargo has been of an important or valuable nature. In these instances a full security survey of the route and potential areas of threat can be established prior to the cargo leaving its home environment. Our operatives can also liaise with local Police and continually update the client through real time communications.

Residential Security

J Regan Security Services Ltd provides dedicated, reliable and experienced Residential Security Teams (RST) to  your private residence, hotel or place of stay. We can also provide these services to any premisses you visit.

Our RST officers can provide reassurance and assistance to our clients surrounding the safety of their family, assets and home, whether in residence or if the property is uninhabited. Combining our skills in threat assessment, high-risk scenario indentification, we can provide a tailored, bespoke RST package to protect your assets, wherever you are in the world.

Whether you require our RST team on a permanent or temporary basis, our services include:

We operate our services with the utmost discretion, so that you can go about daily life safe in the knowledge your assets are protected

Site protection and Eviction

Residential, commercial and agricultural land within the UK can be targeted, by squatters, criminals and travellers. This has become an increasing problem for organisations and land owners, with a detrimental effect from incurred costs and damages. J Regan Security Services Ltd can provide services to either secure a site or building to prevent unlawful entry, or secure the site until legal proceedings are passed. J Regan Security Services Ltd has assisted in many County Court evictions for our clients over the years.

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