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J Regan Security Services Ltd are leaders in delivering professional and affordable security services to businesses throughout the UK and Internationally. We pride ourselves in our innovative and developmental approach towards service delivery and organisational culture.

With many years of experience within the security sector, our management and operatives pride themselves with distinction. Offering a range of security services and solutions to many different service sectors. Drawing on expertise from individuals within and outside of the industry. Enabling J Regan Security Services Ltd to assist organisations with diverse and unique solutions to their security requirements.

Our Commitment To You Is Paramount

Crime reduction has been seen generally as a public service duty, however in recent years the private security industry has evolved to endorse some of those functions. At J Regan Security Services Ltd we ensure that this is shadowed within our application of services. Highlighting any known threats within your sphere of influence, and thereby acting upon and mitigating against known threats within our routines of operations and service.

Prospective clients utilising J Regan Security Services Ltd can be reassured that we allocate specific individuals/teams based upon their merits, personalities and operational capabilities.

When assessing a new clients security arrangements, we believe that each organisation is unique and requires a holistic approach to developing a comprehensive industry standard security survey. Each survey is specifically tailored to reflect your company needs and profile. Requirements such as staff uniforms (presentation), guarding procedures and duties, health and safety and continuity arrangements will be addressed and incorporated into the security plan, to ensure clarity, definition and transparency of security services.

Aspiring To New Heights In Professionalism
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J Regan Security Services Ltd has developed into a highly recommended and consistent supplier of professional security officers in recent years. We strongly believe in providing our clients with up-to-date knowledge and solutions in a continuously changing environment. In addition we are developing a career professional development (CPD) scheme, ensuring that all aspects of physical security are available to our employees, to enhance their learning and development within the workplace.